Pixie (2021) Soundtrack

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Pixie soundtrack
  • Year:2021
  • Director: Barnaby Thompson
  • Writer: Preston Thompson
  • Last update: December 18, 2021 | By: James Gunter
  • 4 songs
Pixie is a 2021 a comedy film directed by Barnaby Thompson and written by Preston Thompson. Pixie has 4 songs from famous music artists like Hidden Charms, Lee Hazlewood, Steve Walker, The Bold and other. You can check out and listen to songs, soundtrack and music featured below.

Pixie: Complete list of songs (LOS)

Dreaming of Another Girl
Hidden Charms
My Autumns Done Come
Lee Hazlewood
Gotta Get Some
Steve Walker, The Bold
She Got Moves
Black Casino and the Ghost